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Tom Gerona - EIC

At the age of 6, Tom was diagnosed with a rare bone disease that left him paralyzed from the neck down. Despite his doctor’s pessimistic diagnosis, Tom continued his physical therapy and chemotherapy sessions. After 16 months of grueling physical, emotional, psychological, and mental anguish, Tom’s cancer went into remission. 30 cancer-free years later, Tom is a self-described fitness buff and sports junkie, givingfitness lessons to corporations and private individuals. When not hiking, biking, climbing, or working out at the gym, Tom plays semi-professional Lacrosse for his local community. On the rare days that he wants to slow down, Tom likes to go fishing on his hand-made boat.

Siena Paul

Siena Paul suffered from childhood obesity. Starting from the age of 2 to 12, she weighed over 200 pounds and was in danger of developing diabetes. However, a rigid diet and exercise regimen helped her get back to her ideal weight. This experience led her to pursue Nutrition in college and develop healthy eating and exercise habits. She regularly does yoga, cycling, and basketball.

Now a mother of 2, Siena likes to make sure that her family eats right and lives an active lifestyle by taking them to fun and Her husband is a renowned General Practitioner and helps her design scientifically-backed and medically-approved diet plans.

Desmond Reid

Nicknamed “Sarge”, Desmond Reid served in the Marines for over 40 years, distinguishing himself as a trustworthy drill sergeant who can turn civilians into soldiers in no time. There, he learned the supreme importance of physical and mental discipline when it comes to fitness and exercise. He also trained extensively with the Marine Division boxing team for 10 years. Although he never competed, he helped train fighters and champions alike.

After serving two tours of duty in both Gulf Wars, Desmond was honorably discharged. He now volunteers with his wife Aileen at their local community center, teaching underprivileged youths the value of fitness, sports, and discipline.